Adding further branding power to your displays and presentations while enabling event attendees to identify your display space from afar, branded sky banners from Banners & Displays maximise results by perfectly complementing other display design elements in your space. With your business brand adorning a high-quality hanging banner frame in the colours of your logo, there will be no mistake as to which tradeshow space is yours and which direction your target audience will be headed.

Quick and Easy Set Up with No Tools Required

Comprised of a lightweight yet strong aluminium frame, our sky banners are available in a variety of sizes, three different shapes (round, triangular and square) and offer a quick and easy setup without the need for tools. Dye sublimated banners also provide the added benefits of being machine washable and easily replaceable, enabling you to implement different banners for different events and stand out for the right reasons at all times. For further information, contact Banners & Displays.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace with innovative portable display solutions that deliver real results in all exhibition and trade show spaces.