Keeping your promotional materials (banners and displays) in perfect condition in storage and while travelling is essential if you’re to achieve your desired results when putting on presentations and hosting display booths at exhibitions, tradeshows, conferences and other important events.

Innovative Portable Cases and Case/Counters

To provide you with the ideal portable case for your display solutions, one that’s versatile enough to be used as a presentation counter, Banners & Displays offers a variety of portable case/counters, including the CA500 which is designed for most WaveLine Media products. With your choice of a plain black wrap or graphic conversion skin, this versatile case/counter provides peace of mind when storing and shipping mobile display solution.

Additionally, we supply a comprehensive selection of soft moulded cases that are designed to store and ship various banners and displays that we brand with your logo, brand and message. To learn more about our portable cases and case/counters, contact the Banners & Displays team today.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace with innovative portable display solutions that deliver real results in all exhibition and trade show spaces.