Portable counters (tradeshow counters) are the perfect solution for promotional displays and booths, including product demonstrations and sample distributions, at a variety of events including exhibitions and tradeshows. Easy to assemble and featuring an MDF wood counter covered with a dye sublimation print with your artwork and brand colours, portable counters from Banners & Displays put your brand’s best foot forward and your products at the front of your audience’s minds.

Ideal for Promotional Displays, Product Demonstrations and More

Available in six different heights and your choice of tension fabric, including the popular WaveLine series, branded tradeshow counters from Banners & Displays are a great way to promote your brand and products. And with a variety of customisation options, including shelving that further puts your materials in the spotlight, our portable counters empower you to take your brand on the road. To speak to a team member about our portable counter range, contact Banners & Displays today.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace with innovative portable display solutions that deliver real results in all exhibition and trade show spaces.