Available in a variety of configurations to suit all WaveLine Media products, our outdoor bubbles are high-quality, built to last and available in a variety of great colours to help your display further stand out from the crowd. Outdoor bubbles from Banners & Displays can be purchased individually or with a branded WaveLine tension fabric display that delivers an eye-catching wall or backdrop effect.

Support Your WaveLine Media Displays

Whatever the environment and occasion, our outdoor bubbles will hold your WaveLine Media tension fabric display in place with the option of adding a touch of colour to enhance the overall effect. Weighing 3.3kg and measuring 610mm (width) and 159mm (height), outdoor bubbles deliver the weight and mass required to support WaveLine displays and hold them safely in place at your tradeshow or exhibition space. To learn more, please contact the Banners & Displays team.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace with innovative portable display solutions that deliver real results in all exhibition and trade show spaces.