The benefits to going big with a custom modular display that puts your brand and presentation at the centre of attention and the front of everyone’s mind are just too good to overlook. At Banners & Displays, we offer superb 10ft custom modular kits that can be used on their own or in conjunction with others to provide a backdrop or wall effect that stands out, garners attention and delivers real results.

Delivering Big Results for Your Brand

If you want big results for your business at the next exhibition or event at which you host a booth, custom modular kits branded with your brand and message are the way to go. We can custom-make the perfect modular kit which can be accessorised with lighting solutions, TV brackets, fitted shelving and so much more. To discuss your ideas and requirements with a portable display solution expert, call Banners & Displays today.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace with innovative portable display solutions that deliver real results in all exhibition and trade show spaces.